Sic Transit Cycles is a full-service bicycle shop located in the historic Lowertown area of Ann Arbor. We specialize in urban commuting, recreational riding, cyclocross and touring, in addition to all levels of road riding.

Our goal is to provide a friendly atmosphere and exceptional customer service in order to promote urban transportation and the bicycle way of life.

We look to connect with our community and support the use of bikes for any purpose, whether it be recreation, transportation or sport.

We strive to create an environment where all questions about any bicycle are welcomed. We are passionate simply about cycling, about the act of pedaling through the world, and about the change a bicycle can bring to one's life

Our History

Opened in 2009 - The roots of our business go beyond our opening. We began buying and selling bikes out of a shared garage in Ann Arbor's Old West Side in 2006. We soon found ourselves with little room to move amid the mass of bikes.

We began looking for a workspace to continue our passion and our hobby, all the while laying the groundwork for a business.

We found our current repair shop one day on a bike ride, and as we peered in the window that afternoon, we saw a 1978 Schwinn sitting in the corner. We knew at that moment we had found our space. In early 2014 we expanded into a new retail location on the same block and vastly expanded our selection of new bicycles and accessories, in addition to building a professional fitting studio on the second floor.

Meet The Team

Joe Bollinger - Co-owner

Joe can be found most often rhapsodizing about what lunch will be for the day. Definitely Captain of the ship. Freethinker, problem-solver, surprisingly good dancer, co-semantics-quibbler, friend to all, cyclist, pragmatic dreamer, and co-conspirator in bringing joy to the world through bikes.

Michael Firn - Co-owner

Michaels energy and enthusiasm for cycling has been a driving force behind our success. You could make an argument that Sic Transit Cycles was born the day that Michael bought our first vintage bicycle at a garage sale: a beautiful Gitane Criterium. Charismatic clotheshorse, voracious reader, and Merckx disciple. As a celebrated aesthete, Michael has the last word on all matters of form.

Mike Solomon

MIke not only can overhaul a bicycle with the best of them, he has also been seen giving a quick salsa dancing lesson upon pickup. Sage advisor, dirt road-riding connoisseur, Reggae lover, Salsa devotee, and overall bicycle guru, Mike is most comfortable in wool with plenty of miles behind and ahead of him.

Kevin Sanchez

Kevin started working at bicycle shops in Hilo, Hawaii back in 2006. After arriving back in Ann Arbor, Kevin worked as a full-time mechanic at REI for three years before moving to Two Wheel Tango for four years where he became a Senior Mechanic there. He's finally found his home here at Sic Transit Cycles in early 2015.

Kevin loves all types of cycling, though his heart is truly with touring. He has toured all over the world, including Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Mexico, Argentina, Alaska and few tours in Michigan and Kentucky.

He is a friend to all dogs, and has been know to shred 10 drum sticks in the span of hour. He's the only shop member to solve the half-hour puzzle (you'll have to ask), can take most things apart and put them back together better than before. Kevin brings to the shop a fine mechanical mind, a sensitive ear for music and a love for life on two wheels.

Jessica Bratus

Jessica joined the Sic Transit Cycles retail team early 2015, focusing on sales, merchandising and inventory.

Jessica spent the last 10 years working at Two Wheel Tango and has collected certifications at the highest levels in the bike-fitting industry.

She is enthusiastic about the cycling lifestyle and actively rides road, cyclocross, and MTB. She is passionate about helping others find joy on their bike.

Jess has been know to throw a mean Tom Sellick themed party. She can often be found ripping local stages apart with bombastic saxaphone solos. Inexaustable, inexorable, and independent, Jess is a force of nature who's energy, humor and attitude uplift everyone around her.

Aaron Bush

Aaron hails from Oakland, California and has lived here in Ann Arbor since 2013. He honed his sales and mechanic skills at Tip Top Bike Shop in the Bay Area, a commuter and urban-focused shop very similar to Sic Transit Cycles. Aaron's first 'real bike was a Raleigh Grand Prix in middle school. Later in life he got into mountain biking while living in Helena, MT, and then fell in love with touring during a 5-month trip in South America. Most of the time was spent in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, allowing the scenery and sights lead him from ice-cream stop to ice-cream stop.

Aaron rides road and mountain, tours, and commutes with a special vigor. He rode through the great snowpocalypse of winter 2013 and like the our great postmen and women, is unperturbed by rain, sleet, snow or hail.

Aaron loves brainstormin', spitballin', bouncing ideas of the wall, conceptualizin', conjurin' and creatin', brain-rackin' and putting heads together. An ideas-man if you will. He brings a great depth of knowledge and advice to the table, and from what we hear, a pretty sweet right foot in the local intramural soccer leagues.